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Episerver Add-on: Application Measurement and Monitoring made Easy

casper.rasmussen/ August 14, 2017/ Add-on, Performance/ 0 comments

Fellow.Epi.Metrics: Application Measurement and Monitoring made Easy This Episerver add-on exposes key insights about platform performance and system health. It acts as a reporting platform useful as part of implementation, operation and incident management. By default, it allows you, as an Episerver developer, to easily register code to be measured along with integration endpoints to be monitored. Example performance outputs

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Easy way to Invalidate Output Cache in Episerver

casper.rasmussen/ March 22, 2016/ Episerver CMS, Event System, Performance/ 3 comments

Various .NET and Episerver folks has already been covering multiple posts about Output Caching and the challenges we, developers, face when implementing Full Page Caching, Donut Hole Caching and Donut Caching. You may think, so how is this post different? Several people has been avoiding the inevitable question about invalidation of cache. We’ve been using various libraries for managing Output Caching

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