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Episerver Find: Include Matches in Fields Belonging to Derived Child Classes

casper.rasmussen/ February 11, 2018/ Episerver Find/ 0 comments

When doing a Free Text Search in Episerver Find, you find yourself relying on an instance of ITypeSearch to build your query through method chaining. Since ITypeSearch<> is generic, it is intended to describe what kind of content your Free Text Search is meant to locate – e.g. PageData, ProductContent or simply IContent. If we speak to derived classes of

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Exclude Episerver Web APIs from Swagger

casper.rasmussen/ October 6, 2016/ Episerver CMS, Episerver Find/ 0 comments

Swagger, one of the worlds most popular ways to document exposed Web APIs, is a great asset to all projects that defines publicly exposed APIs. It unveils the endpoints that’s available for integration from external systems or client-side code. By default, Swashbuckle – Swagger uses ASP.NET Web API IApiExplorer to get a sense of all registered ApiControllers across your assemblies.

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Customize how Best Bets are applied to external content

casper.rasmussen/ September 30, 2016/ Episerver Find/ 0 comments

A Episerver Find search index can contain a combination of Episerver content – such as pages and blocks served via content providers -, external content – via connectors – and custom objects that’s pushed via custom indexing. Out of the box, Best Bets in Episerver Find nicely supports that a search administrator can promote a given Episerver page or a piece of

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Extended Querying in Episerver Find

casper.rasmussen/ March 26, 2016/ Episerver Find/ 0 comments

Episerver Find has, over the years, proven to be a great choice when a search engine has to be selected on our Episerver CMS and Episerver Commerce projects. It is, in most cases, supporting the features needed to build a great search experience with various search related features such as facets. We are sometimes required to extend the Episerver Find matching algorithm due to

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