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Episerver Add-on: Simple way to ease localization

casper.rasmussen/ May 31, 2016/ Add-on, DOJO/ 2 comments

There is no doubt in the fact that Episerver is well suited for managing localization of content. Localization of the site copy – being e.g. global elements and labels – and site content – being block/page content – is, natively supported via a combination of language branches and xml-resource files. Many Episerver developers agrees that relying on static XML Resource

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How to get Pages in to Commerce

casper.rasmussen/ April 30, 2016/ DOJO, Episerver Commerce/ 2 comments

Episerver Commerce was built with a fundamental goal of connecting Commerce and Marketing. Commerce leverages some of the key concepts of working with content from the successful Episerver CMS 7 platform. I was, with that statement in mind, quite surprised to find out, that Commerce, out-of-the-box, didn’t allow my authors to use Pages inside the Catalogue interface. Intent was to

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Get predictive Time-zones in DateTime Properties

casper.rasmussen/ April 23, 2016/ Content Types and Properties, DOJO, Episerver CMS/ 2 comments

Episerver is by default relying on a dijit/form/_DateTimeTextBox widget when representing the Date and Time picker appearing when DateTime properties are used as part of any PageType or BlockType property. By default, this widget adjusts its Date selection to the users Time-zone (e.g. GMT-4) defined by the browser. It makes it hard to show the actual date and time selected to the end users. We recently ran into

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External Assets in Episerver Commerce

casper.rasmussen/ April 9, 2016/ DOJO, Episerver Commerce/ 0 comments

Episerver succeeded in their goal of narrowing the gap between e-commerce and digital marketing content. They created the ability to connect content, marketing and commerce to create a unified experiences for their customers. From a technical perspective, it means that the unique Episerver content model was introduced to Episerver Commerce. It leveraged some of the key concepts of working with

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