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Synchronize Video Platform Resources from inRiver to Episerver Commerce

casper.rasmussen/ July 25, 2017/ Content Types and Properties, Episerver Commerce/ 0 comments

inRiver is one of the leading Product Information Management systems out there. Having a solid integration with Episerver Commerce makes it even more appealing for any company looking for an extension to their Episerver powered technical eco-system. We’ve done a great share of inRiver implementations over the years and are, as always, utilizing all cool aspects of the technical platforms

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How to render an Episerver ContentReference via your WebApi

casper.rasmussen/ November 1, 2016/ Content Types and Properties, Episerver CMS/ 2 comments

ASP.NET MVC and the Razor Engine that is used to render Episerver content is, in combination, an excellent text and HTML template-rendering engine. Together, they make it easy to merge text, model data, and code to produce HTML output. Merging these three parts, through a WebApi, may seem odd to some people.. but it can indeed be beneficial in some (rare)

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Restrict Content Types to specific site in Multi-site Setup

casper.rasmussen/ August 5, 2016/ Content Types and Properties, Uncategorized/ 2 comments

Episerver’s multi-site feature is a really powerful feature when dealing with enterprise solutions. It supports the need to create more than one site running on a single instance (code base). I have, quite recently, used this feature to create dedicated brand experiences and a loyalty program site for a unified Commerce experience. We are often facing the same issue when

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How to Intercept the download of a Media file

casper.rasmussen/ June 12, 2016/ Content Types and Properties, Episerver CMS/ 2 comments

Intercepting the download process of MediaData in Episerver can be helpful when e.g. tracking of downloads or lead generation features are requested by clients. Previously our Episerver teams has numerous times been requested to implement scenarios that ensures valuable visitor information are collected before a file-download is processed. I won’t cover the actual generation or download tracking, but I will

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Optimized Language support in Episerver Commerce

casper.rasmussen/ May 22, 2016/ Content Types and Properties, Episerver Commerce/ 0 comments

Catalog authoring were with Episerver Commerce 7.5 aligned with the authoring experience known from Episerver CMS. It made the life of development and authoring easier and gave our clients a long list of benefits. There are still features that are not supported due to the underlying Commerce engine and the usage of Meta Data Plus. One of them is the

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Categorization of Content in Episerver Commerce

casper.rasmussen/ May 3, 2016/ Content Types and Properties, Episerver Commerce/ 0 comments

Episerver has supported content tagging and categorization since the introduction of Episerver CMS 5. From Episerver CMS 7 and onward, it has been supported via the ICategorizable interface requiring your type to implement a Category property. It means that we can easily use the Category property across all types of Content – or does it? I’ve seen many client requirements

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Get predictive Time-zones in DateTime Properties

casper.rasmussen/ April 23, 2016/ Content Types and Properties, DOJO, Episerver CMS/ 2 comments

Episerver is by default relying on a dijit/form/_DateTimeTextBox widget when representing the Date and Time picker appearing when DateTime properties are used as part of any PageType or BlockType property. By default, this widget adjusts its Date selection to the users Time-zone (e.g. GMT-4) defined by the browser. It makes it hard to show the actual date and time selected to the end users. We recently ran into

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