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Job Notification Add-On Upgraded to Latest

casper.rasmussen/ January 13, 2019/ Add-on/ 0 comments

Keeping up to date with Episerver’s continous release cycles can be challenging, especially when you’re a member of the add-on community. Even though it is my responsibility as the developer of a range of public Episerver add-ons, it often tends to get deprioritized over other professional duties. With that challenge in mind – I am right now slowly working through

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Episerver Add-on: Application Measurement and Monitoring made Easy

casper.rasmussen/ August 14, 2017/ Add-on, Performance/ 0 comments

Fellow.Epi.Metrics: Application Measurement and Monitoring made Easy This Episerver add-on exposes key insights about platform performance and system health. It acts as a reporting platform useful as part of implementation, operation and incident management. By default, it allows you, as an Episerver developer, to easily register code to be measured along with integration endpoints to be monitored. Example performance outputs

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Overview of the Magic Paths for Episerver Shell Menu Items

casper.rasmussen/ January 3, 2017/ Add-on, Episerver CMS/ 0 comments

Episerver relies on magic paths (via naming conventions) to enable developers to place custom plugin extensions in the out-of-the box Episerver Shell. Over time, most Episerver developers has decompiled Episerver’s code to recollect these conventions. For that reason, the intent with this post is to outline the common paths, which are useful in most scenarios. First off, if you aren’t familiar with

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Freshly updated add-ons for Episerver CMS 10

casper.rasmussen/ November 22, 2016/ Add-on/ 0 comments

Episerver’s recent release of Episerver CMS 10 requires ‘add-on contributors’ to revisits their code to mitigate potential breaking changes, which may have negatively impacted the released feature. To that note, I am happy to announce that all my add-ons now have been updated to support Episerver CMS 10. What’s new in the recently released versions? Nothing but Episerver compatibility has

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Episerver Add-on: Streamline dummy images with generated placeholders

casper.rasmussen/ September 8, 2016/ Add-on/ 0 comments

Episerver provides editors and administrators with great digital asset management capabilities. It definitely serves the purpose.. especially if they are in possession of all the required assets at the time content and platform is built. Exactly that issue – a typical chicken egg situation – often proves to be problematic during development of CMS experiences. The issue is a twofold one: My

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Episerver Add-on: Get notifications when Scheduled Jobs fail

casper.rasmussen/ July 11, 2016/ Add-on, Episerver CMS/ 1 comments

Episerver’s new User Notification System is a powerful tool in the search of bridging the gap between a client’s CMS and Commerce platform – facilitating authoring and administering – and their existing collaboration and communication platforms. It is, by default, possible to extend the Episerver platform with customized notification managers for e.g. Slack and Yammer. It’s all really cool.. but it kind off assumes that

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Episerver Add-on: Simple way to ease localization

casper.rasmussen/ May 31, 2016/ Add-on, DOJO/ 2 comments

There is no doubt in the fact that Episerver is well suited for managing localization of content. Localization of the site copy – being e.g. global elements and labels – and site content – being block/page content – is, natively supported via a combination of language branches and xml-resource files. Many Episerver developers agrees that relying on static XML Resource

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