Your Episerver Vocabulary – New Names, What Happened and What Is It?

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I sat down and attempted to gauge the adoption of the new 2020 Episerver product names this morning, and I noticed a continued confusion in how the product offerings were re-positioned this January. Continuing to evangelize the transition helps promote adoption, or at least eliminate confusion on how the old and the new translates.

You may think, it has already been covered. Correct – I found a forum post from end of January addressing this, and I also saw photos from a meetup in Europe discussing the exact same topic. If you search for “DXP” or “Digital Experience Platform” you either get zero result, or an overwhelming result set ready for your analysis. It indicates to me that there’s a lack of content on this topic, helping promote the shift.

What changed?

We’ve seen content on this topic for a while, acknowledging the fact that the well-known space of content management moves more towards more holistic experience management – especially with headless and enablement features, like content recommendations or intelligent visitor insights, now being a part of the Episerver suite.

Almost two years back, I made the statement that “Episerver is more than a Content and Commerce System, it is truly an Experience Management Suite“. While this content resonated immensely with my online followers, it also landed nicely when I presented it at both Episerver Connect in New York, back in early 2019, and at the global Episerver Ascend in Miami.

Episerver started referring to the new names as part of the Keynote at Episerver Ascend in Miami, and soon followed along with a new and fresh meeting the new standards. Trust me, if you did not yet realize this change in names, you are not alone! It was a very subtle roll-out.

How it translates

Enough about the change. Let us focus on the translation, to help you correct your internal Episerver vocabulary.

Old New
Digital Experience Cloud Customer-Centric Digital Experience Platform (DXP)
Digital Experience Hub Customer-Centric Digital Experience Hub
CMS (Individualized Content) Content Cloud
Commerce (Experience Driven Commerce) Commerce Cloud
Find Search & Navigation
Campaign Marketing Automation
Insight Visitor Intelligence
Advance Content Recommendations
Perform Product Recommendations
Reach Email Product Recommendations
Personalized Find Personalized Search & Navigation

Hope above summary assists in the adoption of the new names, to avoid further confusion for anyone entering the space of Episerver.

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  1. Although it will help to specify the products better, simplifying names by making it two or three words instead of one defies logic 😉

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