Episerver Ascend 2018 in 5 minutes

casper.rasmussen/ March 19, 2018/ Episerver CMS, Episerver Commerce, Episerver Find/ 2 comments

Not everybody had the opportunity to spend a few days in Las Vegas, to participate in the annual Episerver conference of the year: Episerver Ascend.

Us attendees helped Episerver set a new record for number of visitors this year, which we together celebrated with tons of great presentations, road map conversations and, of course, parties. If you are looking to get up to date, then here’s a summary of the conference highlights:

Episerver CMS

Episerver CMS is undergoing a great set of updates and optimizations. We got confirmed on the need of overhauling the editor interface, by combining small enhancements like drag-n-drop with a new and modernized (and consistent) experience (and javascript framework). On top of that, there has been made great progress in compliance with .NET Core, through the introduction of separate System.Web dependent assemblies, enabling us to create even better performing web experiences.

Headless delivery and individualized content targeting were the topics of the year. It was exciting to see the new Headless API in action, and to finally see the new Episerver Advance product contributing with individualized content recommendations (AI) out-of-the-box.

Episerver Commerce

Episerver Commerce 12 is soon to be released, being within the next few months (even weeks) according to the Episerver Commerce product team. Trust me, it won’t be a small release, and here’s a quick summary of some of the features that are coming in that release + future releases:

  1. Enhanced access control list for Commerce, enabling access rights on entries like nodes, products and variants.
  2. Built-in taxation system for Europe, simplifying the work required to meet tax compliance in European countries.
  3. Introduction of a Customer Service UI, bringing carts, orders and customer impersonation out of the Commerce Manager interface. (in development still)
  4. Introduction of cloud based Order Service API, enabling transactions in a read-only state (during database maintenance e.g.).

Episerver Find

Even Episerver Find is undergoing lots of work by the Episerver team. It has unfortunately been less of a focus by the team over the last 6 months or so, due to the work done on Episerver Insights. That is though going to change.

They are looking to optimize areas such as:

  1. The built-in Episerver Find crawling framework, to support authentication.
  2. Introduction of Natural Language Manipulation for better content relevance, through artificial intelligence.
  3. Improved stability by moving the entire Episerver Find SaaS stack to Microsoft Azure.

Hope this 5 minute summary was helpful.



  1. Hi Casper

    Nice summary, thanks for taking the time to share this. There is a bit confusion around the Commerce releases, that I want to help out and clear up.

    The access control for catalog content has already been released (was in 11.6.0).
    The tax improvements will be part of Commerce 12, as you said. However, that is not a couple of months away, rather a couple of weeks.
    The Customer Service UI and Order Service are not included in Commerce version 12, rather they should be available later in the year (here talking about months is correct). And yes, that should be a big thing.


    Per Gunsarfs

    1. Hi Per.

      Thank you. I am aware of the Access Control being available in 11, but it is limited to only a subset of the entity types.

      Thanks for confirming the tax improvements, and the Customer Service UI.


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