Enable use of Blocks in Episerver Commerce’s Marketing View

casper.rasmussen/ December 11, 2017/ DOJO, Episerver Commerce/ 2 comments

Using Episerver Blocks, to e.g. support re-usable components when building campaigns, in Episerver Commerce’s marketing view, should be considered a common use-case scenario. Out of the box, that is easily possible. It only requires you to register a ContentReference driven property type – e.g. ContentReference, ContentArea or List – for it to be supported in the Marketing authoring interface.

After you’ve done that, you will probably realize that the “Blocks” asset panel in the right hand side pane by default is unavailable to your editors, not even enabling these to manually go in and add the “Blocks” gadget to their view.

How to enable the “Blocks” panel, by default, in Episerver’s Marketing view.

Enabling “Blocks”, by default, in Episerver’s Marketing is very easy. Since it’s not documented anywhere, it’s absolutely worth writing a simply blog post about!

You’ll only need to create a single class, which through Episerver’s component system makes the “Blocks” gadget available for both existing and new content editors.


  1. This and catalog blocks will be available by default in 11.6

    1. Great news! It’s something we frequently add by ourselves, as it’s highly demanded.

      Thanks Mark!

      /Casper Aagaard Rasmussen

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