Extend Expandable Enums in Episerver Commerce

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Episerver Commerce relies on expandable enumerations to create Business Foundation definitions of important entities – such as contact groups and credit card options. You may be thinking, what does that mean?

From a helicopter perspective, it’s needed because Episerver, by default, ships with a definition of entities. Let me provide an example. Contact groups, which out-of-the-box maps to Customer, Partner and Distributor, are defined via a built in enumeration (CustomerContact.eContactGroup). It becomes expandable simply because the definition can be expanded at runtime – e.g. allowing me to add Premium as the fourth option. That’s clever and very useful in especially B2B e-commerce implementations.

How to expand ContactGroup by Code

It’s simple to automatically alter the expandable enumerations included in Episerver Commerce. All it takes is a InitializationModule, which uses Business Foundation to apply the updates.

MetaFieldType is the definition you need to alter – in this scenario, it’s ContactGroup. You can always locate the various built-in definitions by querying your [mcmd_MetaEnum] table. (or via the Commerce Manager interface)

Executing MetaEnum.AddItem, with type, value and name, expands the definition with a new option. Remember, this should only happen once to avoid constraint violations.

How to expand ContactGroup via Commerce Manager

It’s very simple.. but not recommend. I always try to minimize the need for manual steps after a release. Not including a scripted approach will require you to re-add the Premium option across all your environments.

It can be done via the “Edit Dictionary” option next to fields relying on expandable enumerations.

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