Freshly updated add-ons for Episerver CMS 10

casper.rasmussen/ November 22, 2016/ Add-on/ 0 comments

Episerver’s recent release of Episerver CMS 10 requires ‘add-on contributors’ to revisits their code to mitigate potential breaking changes, which may have negatively impacted the released feature. To that note, I am happy to announce that all my add-ons now have been updated to support Episerver CMS 10.

What’s new in the recently released versions?

Nothing but Episerver compatibility has changed across the board. Any of your Episerver CMS 10+ solutions will seamlessly work together with all the newly released add-on versions – even without a single breaking change in scenarios where you choose to upgrade.

Which add-ons has been updated?

Updates for Fellow.Epi.ImagePlaceholder, Fellow.Epi.JobNotifier and Fellow.Epi.Localization has been released. All updates can be installed from the Episerver NuGet feed via Visual Studio.

Feel free to use the GitHub projects (look in the individual posts) for any issues, questions or other kinds of feedback in relation to the new releases.


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