Episerver Add-on: Get notifications when Scheduled Jobs fail

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Episerver’s new User Notification System is a powerful tool in the search of bridging the gap between a client’s CMS and Commerce platform – facilitating authoring and administering – and their existing collaboration and communication platforms. It is, by default, possible to extend the Episerver platform with customized notification managers for e.g. Slack and Yammer. It’s all really cool.. but it kind off assumes that users get notified about actions they consider relevant. The User Notification System is, by default, used primarily as part of CMS authoring features – e.g. workflows and Episerver Projects. Administrators won’t find such notifications helpful and still has to access the Administration section (of the Episerver platform) to asses the application health/state. I’ve seen numerous examples where this unfortunately didn’t happen systematically and the business suddenly realized that their important Scheduled Jobs – e.g. synchronization of Commerce related information such as exchange rates – were failing. Luckily, it’s easy to include notifications for this and thereby provide Administrators with real time updates from Episervers Scheduled Job task.

Fellow.Epi.JobNotifier: Real-time notifications about failing Scheduled Jobs

This Episerver add-on provides Administrators with real-time updates via the platforms notification system. It acts as the channel for communication between failing scheduled jobs and the Episerver User Notification System. By default, notifications will appear as part of the Notifications interface but will seamlessly fit in to your own customized Notification Provider – e.g. this Slack provider made by jstemerdink.

Notification in the Episerver UI

Usage from a developers standpoint is fairly simple. Let me take you through the configuration prerequisites. Be aware that full customization is available and more details are included in section called “Customization”.

Adding Recipients

By default, notifications are sent to all users part of a “NotificationUsers” group. Please ensure that at least one user has been assigned to this group.

Creating Sender

Be aware that add-on is relying a dedicated user, named “NotificationUser”, as sender and this user has to be configured prior use.

Installation and Usage

You can get the latest version of Fellow.Epi.JobNotifier through Episervers NuGet feed.
Be aware that Fellow.Epi.JobNotifier requires EPiServer.CMS.Core version or higher.

Please use the GitHub project for any issues, questions or other kinds of feedback.


Fellow.Epi.JobNotifier is fully customizable and allows you to determine the behavior, content, recipients and sender – on a case by case basis – via a simple abstraction.

Default implementation is based on above mentioned conventions and provides a seamless setup.

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